If you were on social media as the new year began, you probably saw many of your friends and family stating that 2014 was going to be their greatest year ever or that it was going to be better than the last year. Maybe you were the one who posted it??

2014  Calendar

While I do feel that 2014 will have its great moments and that it may very well be a great year, I also recognize that it may not be. Don’t get me wrong. I am in no way trying to be debbie downer, I just feel that we need to be realistic in how we approach this new year so that we know how to deal with all that it brings us. This new year will have it’s ups and downs.

2014 May Or May Not Be The Greatest Year Ever…and that’s Ok!

With the new year there may be new challenges or you may have to continue to face the ones that followed you on over from the previous year (the nerve!) BUT those situations/hurdles won’t define your year if you don’t allow them too.

How can we make it great no matter what?

  • Try to remember that you are not alone (there is probably someone out there going through the same exact thing) and that this too shall pass.
  • When you hit a bump in the road or get thrown a curve ball you need to try and dust yourself off and just keep swimming (Wow! How many cliches can one person use in a sentence??? guess we just found out huh?).
  • Life is easier when you surround yourself with people who build you up and encourage you in both good and bad times, so take stock of who you are doing life with.
  • Focus more on enjoying each and every day rather than the year as a whole and I believe that you’ll consider it to be a great year no matter what.

All that being said, I do hope that 2014 is your greatest year ever and that you strive to make it so!

*Feel free to click on the calendar image above and print it out for you to use