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I know that we are already well into 2020 and I still have not reflected on the last year to come up with a digital recap of my most memorable experiences of 2019. I can blame the craziness of the holiday season and the fact that the kids just returned to school 2 days ago but if I were to dig deeper it is probably because despite what the pictures may show, 2019 (or at least the last half of it) was tough and put me in a funk that I only recently emerged from. What’s worse is that feeling that way when 2019 brought about some amazing experiences made me feel even worse. I mean, how could I be in a funk when I was so blessed?

That tough season, as sucky as it was, taught me a lot (which brought about growth). It taught me that some friends are more like family, willing to help without even asking. It taught me that nothing last forever, and that we shouldn’t live as such. It taught me that it is important to plan for rainy days, because they are inevitable. It also taught me that no matter what season I am in, God has got this.

Even in the midst of the storm, I knew how blessed I had been that year and those are the moments I want to focus on for my 2019 digital recap. These are the memories that put a smile on my face, helped me grow as a person, brought me closer to my family and friends. This year, instead of choosing my top 12, I’ll list them by month.

These are my most memorable experiences of 2019


Went to Rhode Island for the first time to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday. We had so much fun but it was way too cold for me.

Woman in Rhode Island


I went to New Orleans for a bachelor party and experienced Mardi Gras for the first time.

Woman in New Orleans


Took a road trip on over to Myrtle Beach with the family.

Family in front of SkyWheel


Girls Trip! Went to Canada with a friend to set sail aboard the Norwegian Joy.

2 women in Canada


Back to Kansas for me but this time I actually got to squeeze in some sightseeing.


This was a big month because I was able to enjoy 2 memorable experiences. I was able to go to Alaska with the family and cross it off my bucket list.

Family in front of Alaska sign

I also took a Sisters trip with my little sister to celebrate her graduating from high school. We had an amazing time and most importantly, we bonded and became closer.

2 women in Greece


Took a mother daughter trip to Rhode Island. The weather was so beautiful during that time.

Mom and daughter at the beach


My daughter has always wanted to go to New York and she was able to cross it off her bucket list when we were invited to visit the Clifford Movie Set.

Kids in front of NYC Artwork


This month also gave me 2 memorable experiences! I celebrated my 40th birthday and I took a girls trip with some of my faves to the Bahamas.

Leanette Fernandez

Woman in the bahamas


My little man turned 11 years old! I also took a fun trip to California, where I was part of a good friend’s wedding, was part of The Price is Right audience and more.

2 friends

Female at the Price Is Right


We celebrated my husband’s 43rd birthday on the inaugural sailing of the Norwegian Encore.

Couple in the Bahamas


With the help of some amazing people we were able to bless almost 900 students with presents, over 50 teachers with gifts cards and we were also able to donate toys to 5 separate toy drives.