Why is it that a new year is motivation to get our life in order? Whatever the reason, if finances is something you are trying to get in order, organization is key. Staying organized is a bit of a struggle for me, so I have been exploring various ways to help me stay organized and on track. One such tool is an Annual Bill Organizer.

I previously posted a FREE Printable Monthly Bill Organizer for you to use (which you can read more about HERE) but that may not work for some of you (and that’s OK because we’re all different). So I created a FREE Printable Annual Bill Organizer for you to utilize as well.

Annual Bill Organizer - FuntasticLife

The Annual Bill Organizer will work for you if you just want to ensure that your main bills have been paid each month and don’t want to list the details of each payment. You can simply check each square once the payment has been made.

So take your pick between the Printable Monthly Bill Organizer or the Printable Annual Bill Organizer…you can even use them both.

What do you use to keep your bills and payments organized? I’d love to hear about it and maybe even share it with everyone. I’ll also continue to search around for ways to help us achieve our financial goals this year. On that note, if you are looking for a fun way to save money, you should check out the 52 Week Money Challenge. It will allow you to save over $1300 this year.

No matter what you try, just know that we can do this! Just stay the course and don’t give up.

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Annual Bill Organizer