just do it

These last few months have been filled with dealing with some tough stuff. Besides my health scare, I experienced the loss of a friend at the beginning of December and just this weekend I found out that one of the parents from my son’s school, a man I considered a friend after years of chatting while waiting to pick up our kids, passed away as well.

My heart breaks for the wife and children he left behind, one of which is in my son’s class.

When someone in my life is hurting, going through something awful or has experienced a tragedy, My heart goes out to them. I hurt for them. I want to find a way to help them get through it. So, I typically reach out to them, offer some help and let them know that I am here if they need anything.

After hearing what had happened, I wanted to help. So, I reached out to his wife.

That same night I found out about his passing, we had dinner with friends and I mentioned what had happened and that I wished there was something I could do. Then, one of them dropped some knowledge that opened up my eyes and made me reevaluate what I had always done. It also made me want to share with you just in case you ever find yourself wanting to do more for a friend or loved one in need.

She told me that instead of offering me help, I should just do it. Just take them that meal, drop off that care basket…whatever it is that you know will bless their life because the reality is that although they do need your help, they probably won’t accept it or ask for it.

I know it seems simple (and it is) but it is also so true. Because it is so simple, it should also make it easier for us to do. I know from personal experience that there have been times I have been in the thick of things and people have offered me help but I felt bad taking them up on their offer. I also know that someone taking the time to show that they care blesses us.

Care package

Actually, I remember a time when Art had the flu (it was bad!) and I left the house to go somewhere when I found a care package by my front door filled with medicines, snacks and other goodies. It’s been over a year since then and I still remember how blessed we were by it and how loved we felt. They didn’t ask if they could stop by and drop something off, they just did it (without taking credit for it because there was no note).

If there is someone in your life you feel compelled to help, don’t simply offer your help…Just Do It.That being said, if you are going through something, don’t go through it alone. Ask for help and/or be willing to accept help if someone offers it.