The New Year means New menu items at SONIC Drive-In!!!!

Yep! They have introduced their French TOASTER Breakfast Sandwich and a new line of Lil’ Doggies and Lil’ Chickies.

French Toaster with Bacon

French TOASTER Breakfast Sandwich

This French TOASTER Breakfast Sandwich is made with fluffy scrambled eggs and melty cheese sandwiched between two slices of golden French toast and is available with either sausage or bacon.

*My husband would opt for bacon but sausage breakfast sandwiches is what I go for.

Lil’ Doggies and Lil’ Chickies

Lil’ Doggies and Lil’ Chickies are mini-sized hot dogs and chicken sliders that are perfect as a snack or meal and are each available in three flavors. Plus, I love their price…they start at only $1.29.

Lil’ Doggies

  • Chili Cheese Lil’ Doggie™
  • Classic Lil’ Doggie topped with ketchup and yellow mustard
  • Baja Jalapeno & Chili Lil’ Doggie topped with chili, spicy cheese sauce and jalapenos.

sonic lil doggies

*These Lil’ Doggies are so cute!

Lil’ Chickies

  • Classic Lil’ Chickie™ with pickles and mayo
  • BBQ Lil’ Chickie with Hickory BBQ sauce and pickles
  • Buffalo Lil’ Chickie with SONIC’s tangy Buffalo sauce

*Made with 100% all-white meat crispy chicken

sonic lil' chickie

Head on over Sonic to try these delicious new menu additions.  Click here for a location near you.