This past first week of summer has included morning snuggle time in bed (which has been my absolute favorite!), random errands, lunches out but that’s not going to cut it this week or for the 9 that follow. Keeping the kiddos entertained for 10 more weeks of Summer vacation will be no easy task. That being said, a plan of action is necessary in order to preserve my sanity.

I’ve already scheduled play dates with friends and visiting a few attractions like Rapids Water Park, Jungle Island, Funderdome and the Young At Art Museum but I want the kiddos to be entertained at home too. Going out everyday is not gonna happen, it’s tiring and can get expensive so I sat down with my kids and asked them what they’d like to do this summer (incorporating activities, crafts, projects, baking) and here are the 2015 Summer Bucket List Ideas we came up with (they are in no particular order):

Summer 2015 Bucket List

  1. Go Fishing
  2. Watch the following Movies (Inside Out, Minions & the Spongebob movie)…Lord, help me with that last movie!
  3. Go to Pool
  4. Go to a waterpark
  5. Go on a road trip
  6. Do the Mento’s Project
  7. Bake Rice Krispy Treats
  8. Make homemade donuts
  9. Fly Kites
  10. Watch the Spongebob movie (Lord, help me!)
  11. Make Smores
  12. Make play dough
  13. Family Game Night
  14. Family Movie Night
  15. Go bowling
  16. Sidewalk chalk drawings
  17. Make homemade bubbles
  18. Make homemade Lemonade
  19. Play in the sprinklers
  20. Go on a picnic
  21. Make ice cream
  22. Feed the ducks
  23. Make popsicles
  24. Play frisbee
  25. Do a Scavenger Hunt
  26. Donate Clothes & Toys
  27. Make Tie Dye Shirts
  28. Read at least 5 books
  29. Pajama Day
  30. Finish a big jigsaw puzzle
  31. Have a dance party
  32. Camping in the yard
  33. Play Freeze Tag
  34. Build a blanket fort
  35. Marshmallow Fight
  36. Shaving Cream Fight
  37. Water balloon Fight
  38. Watercolor Fight
  39. Play dodge ball
  40. Lunch with dad at work
  41. Lunch with grandma at work
  42. Play Legos
  43. Make a time capsule with friends
  44. Decorate and set up a bird feeder
  45. Have a garage sale
  46. Go horseback riding
  47. Ride scooters
  48. Play at a Park
  49. Help someone in need
  50. Visit the following attractions: Jungle Island, Funderdome, Young At Art Museum

Do you think we can get through all of these? Any suggestions on what we can add to the list once we do these?

We’ve already gone to the store and purchased most of what we need to make these happen (that was part of the errands we did last week). We also already did our first craft of the summer: Creating a 2015 Summer Bucket List using an actual “bucket”. It is super cute! You can check out how that came out tomorrow along with instructions on how to make your own if you’re feeling up to it.

Hopefully our 2015 Summer Bucket List helps you plan out your summer!!!