My husband and I have been wanting to see the Blue Man Group for years. Thankfully, during our last trip to Universal Studios Orlando, we were finally able to go to their show and it was the BEST show we have ever been to!


I can see why the Blue Man Group is so popular…they are extremely talented!!! We loved it.


They found a way to perfectly combine comedy, music, art and technology that will keep you and everyone in your family entertained and engaged. I mean EVERYONE. Every time I looked over at my kiddos, they were smiling or laughing. They were never bored, which is what they said they would be. As we were walking to Cowfish for dinner, my son told me that he was wrong about being bored and that he loved it. Of course, they loved the part where everyone gets to participate but I won’t say more so that you can be surprised.

Speaking of kiddos, for the smaller kids, I suggest showing them a video of the Blue Man Group so that they know what to expect and aren’t scared by them painted in blue. It helped knowing what to expect.

I was also a happy camper because I was able to enjoy a Churro right before the show.


If you are ever in Orlando (or anywhere they have a show), I HIGHLY suggest that you go and see their show. You will not be disappointed! If anything, it will leave you wanting to go back. If we ever get to go and see The Blue Man Group again (which I really hope we do), I would love to sit in one of the first couple of rows. They provided them with ponchos, so you know those are the best seats in the house. No worries, any seat is good and as I mentioned earlier we all “participate” at one point.

Do you want to learn more about the Blue Man Group or purchase tickets for the show? Check out their page here. In addition to show info. and times, I saw that they also had special offers available.


Note: My family and I were provided with tickets to the Blue Man Group in order to facilitate my review. However, ALL opinions are my own.