I Was Talking But My Husband Wasn’t Listening

Do you ever feel like this????

I normally don’t but I did recently… I was telling my husband a story about me accidentally throwing away my debit card into the trash can at the gas station while cleaning out my car (Yuck!) and I went on to say that I left it inside the trash can because I didn’t want to get my hands dirty. I was joking of course, but he didn’t laugh or make a comment so I knew something was up.

I gave him another shot and I went on to repeat the story again. This time he was actually paying attention because he thought I was serious and asked if I was kidding. He then began to laugh, not at my story, but because he knew he had been BUSTED!!!!! He was tuning me out while I was talking to him.

He then confessed that he had tuned me out…the nerve!

Now I’m curious as to how many times he has tuned me out. Actually, maybe I don’t want to know……but this whole situation explains a lot and has opened up my eyes. No wonder he doesn’t remember anything I tell him. I guess I’ll have to start asking him questions at the end of my stories just to make sure he was actually paying attention. How much do you want to bet he’ll get a lot of those questions wrong?

Has this happened to you with your significant other? If so, please share how you knew it was happening so I can be more mindful during our conversations.

* I want to add that this was written with my husband’s permission and he is quite wonderful despite tuning me out.

I guess this is a classic husband ignoring wife story.