Are You Financially Prepared For Their College Years? You can be. This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a Believer Blogger. However, All thoughts are my own.


This is the last year my baby girl will be in elementary school. Before I know it, she will be off to middle school, then high school and then she is off to college. As much as I’d like to remain in denial that she is not growing up, she is…and fast. College is just years away but the time to begin preparing for their college education shouldn’t start when they do. Now is the time.

So how do you prepare now for their college education? With a Florida Prepaid College Plan.

And now that open enrollment is upon us (Oct. 15, 2016 through Feb. 28, 2017), I wanted to stress just how important it is that we invest in our children’s college education now because…

  • The prices are remaining low and there are different plans that can fit within any budget! (1-Year Florida University Plan, 2-Year Florida College Plan, 4-Year Florida College, 2+2 Florida College Plan, 4-Year Florida University Plan)
  • By starting sooner than later, you get those payments broken down into more years (so you are paying less) and you are locking the college tuition price.
  • Education is the best gift you can give to a child.


I could come up with a few more reasons but I think you get the point. The time to start is now.

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Are You Financially Prepared For Their College Years?