After a nice, long and relaxing summer it can be hard for the kiddos to get back into the groove of school (especially if you have small ones starting kindergarten who have ever gone to school). To avoid melt downs, it’s probably best that you don’t wait until the night before the first day of school to start preparing them. Instead, here are 5 Ways to Get Your Child Back To School Ready…

5 Ways To Get Your Child Back To School Ready

5 Ways to Get Your Child Back To School Ready

Talk to your kids about school

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of talking to your kids about school to get them ready for it. Talk to them about being able to see all of their old friends and how they will be making new ones. Maybe even reference all the good times they had the previous school year.

Listen to their concerns

In addition to talking to them about the upcoming school years, you should also listen to their fears and concerns. Not only will that reinforce that you are always willing to listen to them, it also allows you to address each concern.

Involve the Kiddos

Do your kids have ideas that will make back to school easier on everyone? Listen to them and take notes! They are a huge part of the routine, so ask them what will make it easier and start implementing those ideas early on. This will make them second nature by the time school begins again.

Create a routine

Schools operate on a schedule and the more your kids start getting into the habit of sticking to one the better off they will be in class. Get them ready for school with a simple routine that wakes them up around the time they need to wake for school and keep them busy throughout the day with tasks.

Create excitement about school

Yes, creating excitement about them returning to school can be done! You can do that by creating a large calendar that will allow your kids to count down the days until summer is over and school starts. I suggest that you start this about two weeks before school starts so they don’t lose interest and you don’t get too frustrated. (This will also allow them to know when school starts so they are expecting it). Make it fun by planning an event for each of the days counting down and have kids participate by decorating the calendar and planning the events with you.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to get your child back to school ready? I’d love to hear them.

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