When I was 21 years old, I went to the dealership and became the proud owner of a Cherry Red 1999 Ford Explorer and boy did I love it!  I  was taken right back to that time (and that great feeling) when I picked up a 2013 Ford Explorer to drive for the week.

5 Reasons I Loved Driving the 2013 Ford Explorer

I spent a lot of time in the Ford Explorer since I traveled to Destin, FL (which is about a 9 hour drive without all the stops you make when traveling with kids) and I absolutely loved driving it!   Here’s why:

  • It was comfortable and the ride was so smooth. My kids were happy and my tushie didn’t hurt after driving for so many hours.
  • Its Navigation System.  It was so easy to use and I love how it gave me a split screen option explaining my next move.
  • It’s spacious.  The 4 of us had enough space to not feel constrained and it held all the junk I over packed (it’s a serious problem) with no issues.
  • Gas consumption wasn’t bad for being an SUV.
  • It has 3rd row seating.  I didn’t use it this trip because there were only 4 of us and I opted for more trunk space BUT now that my kids are older and we are doing more with friends, I have a real need for a 3rd row.

2013 Ford Explorer Favorite Features

I loved the 2013 Ford Explorer so much that I considered trading my car in…let’s see if I can convince my hubby.

Note: Although I was provided the car to test drive for a week. ALL opinions are my own.