Getting your kids interested in Math is no easy feat- most people say they hate math, and your kids are probably no exception. In fact, you probably feel the same way, but math skills are important, so helping your kids stay interested in the subject is imperative.

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Here are 5 ideas to help keep your child interested in math this summer:

Be an example

Help your child begin to like math by showing him or her that you are confident and okay with routine math, like balancing your checkbook or doing a simple math problem in the store. As you complete these tasks, talk to your kids about them.

Get your child to use math every day

Encourage your child to do math. You can ask them to figure out the price of three boxes of pasta in the grocery store, or to calculate how long it will take to drive to grandma’s house at the rate of speed of which you are going. If they want a new toy, have them figure out how much it is with taxes. This will show them the practicality of math and how we use it each day.

Understand your child’s grade level

Do you know what your child is learning in school? Learn their curriculum so that you can teach it to them and understand it if they have questions about things. The more you know about it the easier it will be for you to help them learn it.

Make it fun

You can design games like a math treasure hunt to help your kids connect math with fun. It doesn’t have to be boring for you or them, and the more fun they have with math the more likely they will be to actually do it. Encourage them to use math when they are playing with their toys and friends, too, so that they will naturally begin to use it in everyday life.

Purchase an app for it

If your kids are like most, they will enjoy playing math games and technology. Download an app to help them learn math. Make sure the app is appropriate for their grade level and monitor their screen time so that they don’t get bored with the game too fast.

Do you know of any more ideas to keep your child interested in math this summer?