Thank you Chevrolet for letting us try out the 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD! Of course, all opinions are my own.

The moment I told my daughter that we would be driving the 2020 Silverado to Orlando for our trip to Disney she was ecstatic! While she isn’t a car aficionado, she does love a good truck and constantly reminds me that one day she will be driving one. When she saw that bad boy in our driveway, her face lit up. Well, so did my hubby’s.

What I loved about the 2020 Silverado

Not only was it nice to look at but super spacious inside. Given how tall my kids are, that is super important to us. Not to mention that my husband is also 6’6, so having enough space is important to him as well. It was nice not having one of them compromise on the space available to them.

In addition to all the space, they utilized the space well because within the cabin, there were various storage areas. Like the in-seatback storage compartments that were ideal for smaller items. Plus, there’s even an available large 24-liter storage compartment under the rear seat that fits bigger items.

It also drove so smooth! Driving around in a truck like that gives you such a good feeling, dare I say you also feel powerful? All I know is, that my hubby and playfully argued about who would be driving. That is a big thing because I am the one that typically does the driving.

Some features worth mentioning:

  • The Silverado HD has been redesigned with a longer wheelbase, a higher cab and a larger cargo bed.
  • It offers a larger, stronger and more functional Durabed with 12 standard tie-downs, available LED cargo area lighting and an available built-in 120-volt outlet to charge power tools
  • The 2500 HD has an impressive maximum towing capability of up to 18,510 lbs.
  • The Silverado HD offers more camera views, with up to 15 camera views.
  • Offers new technology for trailering – The segment-first Advanced Trailering System lets you create customized trailer profiles to monitor important information, from hitching to driving.

Did you know that you can also Alexa Built-In right in your vehicle?

What I didn’t love about the 2020 Silverado

The bed of the truck fit all of our luggage (and we had a lot of it), so that was a plus. However, I wasn’t a fan of having everything in the back of the truck where it could fly out the back (so we tied it down) or that someone could easily come to grab our luggage (but we just didn’t leave the truck unattended). BUT…I do understand that trucks like these aren’t made for family road trips. They are made as work vehicles and I have no doubt that it can handle whatever you dish out while working.

All in all we loved our experience with the 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD. For more info about this truck, feel free to check out this website.