Before taking a look around the set of “Walk the Prank”, we got to chat with Tobie Windham who plays Uncle Will in the series.

Leanette Fernandez with with Tobie Windham R

He was so fun to chat with an after seeing him do the robot in one of the episodes, I just had to ask if he could show us his moves…which he gladly did. Actually we did a few robot moves together after taking a pic together.

5 Fun Things I learned from my Walk the Prank Interview with Tobie Windham

  • They sometimes do pranks to each other on set, one of which involved Brandon who kept telling the actors that they needed to be on set and then sending them back to their trailer repeatedly.
  • Tobie has noticed that the writers pay close attention to his speech and the things that he says because when he reads a script, he would say things just as they have written for him to do so.
  • They have done about 40 different pranks so far and there are about 4 targets per each prank
  • After a prank, Tobie tries to give the target a high five to ease the moment
  • The script will contain moments that have happened in their actual lives.

More about “Walk the Prank”

An innovative new format that blends scripted comedy with real hidden-camera pranks, “Walk the Prank” follows a team of practical jokesters who create hilarious over-the-top pranks for an online hidden camera show of the same name.

The series showcases the natural comedic talent and improvisational skills of new young stars including Cody Veith (“Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn”) as the cool, confident Chance, Bryce Gheisar (“A Dog’s Purpose”) as Chance’s younger brother Herman, Jillian Shea Spaeder (“Theatre and Me’s the Bully”) as the tech-savvy Bailey, Brandon Severs (“The Neighbors”) as Chance’s best friend Dusty, and Tobie Windham (“The Wesley’s”) as Will, Dusty’s uncle.

The scripted storylines center on the four kids’ antics in school and at home, which provide a source of inspiration for their pranks. The real and outlandish hidden-camera pranks, seen throughout each episode, capture genuine reactions from unsuspecting strangers.

Be sure to watch Disney XD tonight at 8:30 for the next episode of Walk The Prank!

*I was invited by Disney to cover the press junket for The Jungle Book. All opinions are my own.