When I began blogging 6 years ago, one of my main goals for doing so was to help people. Anytime I am able to partner with an organization, in this case World Vision, to help others, I am filled with joy! That pretty much explains why I am smiling as I type this post.

I believe I first heard about World Vision and the work they do to help children when I attended a Woman of Faith Conference almost 10 years ago. I was pregnant at the time with my firs child and I remember thinking that it was so cool that there was a Christian organization doing what they could to help children all over the world. After all these years, they are thriving and so are the children they are helping… but they need our help (more info.o below on how we can help).

World Vision Trip to the Domincan Republic Banner

Never had I imagined that I would now be partnering with them and traveling to the Dominican Republic to see what they are doing over there and sharing it with you all.

Why the Dominican Republic?

Many Dominicans struggle with poverty. Around 41 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

Nearly 75 percent of the population lives in an urban context. Challenges here include lack of access to basic services like clean water, shelter, medical care, education, sanitation, public safety, and electricity.

*Info provided by World Vision

In just a few days I will be in the Dominican Republic where I will be doing the following:

Day 1

  • Flying over to the Dominican Republic

Day 2

  • Visiting the home of a single mother of six children and learning about her story
  • Visiting the youth goat project
  • Meeting Dr. Jose Ramirez, a former World Vision sponsored child

Day 3

  • Meeting a Vision Fund Loan Officer who was a former World Vision sponsored child
  • Meeting Ernesto, a sandal maker
  • Visiting the emergency preparedness program and meeting their youth leaders to learn about the program and participate in some demonstrations

Day 4

  • Visiting the anti – bullying campaign led by school children
  • Visiting the radio program studio and interacting with the youth leadership. We’ll also be doing live interviews on air (so please pray for me!)
  • Touring the Dominican Republic/Haiti border area
  • Meeting children who are waiting to be sponsored and their families
  • Visiting the home of one of those children

Day 5

  • Visiting the home of a woman and her daughter, who attends the El Cristal pre-school to learn about their story.
  • Visiting the El Cristal Pre-school
  • Meeting children who are waiting to be sponsored and their families
  • Touring the vocational training center where classes are offered that include baking, hair styling, sewing, handcrafted purses, computer training, etc.

Day 6

  • Touring historic Santo Domingo before our flights home

I look forward to to learning more about the work they’re doing there and sharing my experiences with you all. Please join me on this journey by following World Vision, myself and the other bloggers who will be on the trip. We will be using hashtags #WVBloggers and #DomRep when sharing on social media. We’d love to hear from you while we’re there.

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Want to learn more or help by sponsoring a child through World Vision?

Together, we can fight poverty and help build sustainable communities where children can grow up healthy, strong, and protected!  Visit: http://cause.worldvision.org/Leanette to find out more or to get started.