Check out this CPR Tip of the week from the founder of One Beat CPR, Lon Rosen on what to do if you you ever come across an unconscious person, and you have little time to react. This can help you save a life…

  1. If you ever come across an unconscious person call 9-1-1; if there is another person around you, order them to call 9-1-1 while you stay with the unconscious person. If there is a portable defibrillator available, get it.
  2. Immediately begin with 30 chest compressions, fast and hard. If the victim is an adult, use both hands at the center of the chest. If the victim is a child, you only use one hand.
  3. After the chest compressions, lift the victim’s neck and give two (2) breaths, mouth to mouth. If the object on which the victim has choked on hasn’t been dislodged, repeat the chest compressions.

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