I loved Supermarket Sweep growing up! So, when I heard that it was coming back to ABC (this Sunday 10/18) and with Leslie Jones as the host I knew I’d be tuning in. When I found out that I would get the chance to interview Leslie Jones, Alycia Rossiter, & Lenny Marcus, I was even more excited. During our time chatting, they shared some Fun Facts about the show, so of course I wanted to share them with you.

Supermarket Sweep Fun Facts

While the show will be the show you know and love, there are a few differences such as

  • The previous show focused on the store whereas this one focuses on the host
  • The grand prize for this show is $100,000 instead of $5000
  • The team also gets to customize their own sweatshirt
  • They incorporated bonuses from Big Sweeps from the original show.
  • The “meats” you know and love will be in the show and the reveal is the same.

Fun Fact: You’ll also find Easter Eggs from the original show in the social media campaigns

The food they use goes to food banks

Because of the pandemic, filming this show gave the crew, who had been out of work, work. Not one person got sick because they were extremely careful.

Fun Fact: Leslie is a hard core game show watcher.

Leslie loves connecting with the contestants which is why she asked to meet with each team for 2 minutes before filming.

Leslie did not play the game because she has bad knees but she wanted to.

They are happy with the type of contestants they have because it is inclusive of everyone

Fun Fact: Besides the meats there are some other expensive items like the mops.

Supermarket Sweep premieres on Sunday, October 18 at 8|7c on ABC. Be sure to tune in, I know I will be!