We have a swimming pool and with 2 small children we were always concerned about pool safety, even with the pool being fenced in. No matter how much I wanted to take them to swimming lessons, I just never got around to it or simply let life get in the way and put it off. I mean, I even called around for pricing (because of course I wanted a good deal). I told myself that during their summer vacation I would not put it off any longer and that I would take them…but of course Summer came and went and still no lessons.

So in August when I met Julie from Swim with Mr. Blue, I was intrigued with the fact that they pride themselves on on teaching your child how to swim in 5 Days. Plus they have Learn to Swim with Mr. Blue Book and DVD.

Here’s what is written on their website about the 5 day program:

Our Blue Swim Safe in 5 Days Level 1 program includes 5 one-on-one 30 minute sessions. The Blue Swim Safe program will teach your child important safety skills to help them recover when they fall into a pool or body of water. These life saving skills are very important to learn at a young age because of the risk of drowning in children under 5-years-old. The Blue Swim Safe 5 Days | Level 1 program will teach the following skills: Holding their breath under water, Choo-chooing along the wall, Rowing arms towards wall, Kick legs moving towards the wall, Back floating with assistance, Retrieve objects from the bottom with assistance & Independent recovery to the wall

Although I had every intention of taking them, it wasn’t until I ran into Julie again in late December that I finally committed to it and set a date and I am so glad I did.

Being that I already had the book (since our first meeting in August), the kids started watching it before their 1st lesson (they watched it twice a day) and they loved it. It was great because it helped prepare them for the lessons, it allowed them to become familiar with the characters and the songs.

The kids won’t be swimming for the Olympics after 1 week (although if that is what you would like for your child, they do offer actual swimming lessons as well) but they do learn how to safely get to the side of the pool should they happen to fall in.

My kids had fun and learned alot during that week, although I assume that results will vary because every child is different. My baby girl went from wearing floaties, being scared to jump in on her own or doing it while holding her nose to swimming across halfway through the pool, swimming underwater and jumping in without holding her nose. My little man did really good as well, he had a rough start on the 3rd day but he quickly got over it. As I said, each child is different.

They were excited

The last day of the program was cool because my husband and I were able to see what they had learned and then we joined them in the pool. We had a fun time in the pool and as parents it was great seeing them swim while not having that extra worry of them drowning.

Julie and her team are very nice and I don’t feel as bad about putting off taking the kids to lessons for as long as I did because it allowed me to try their program. Thanks Swim with Mr. Blue!

Julie so graciously allowed my kids to attend the 5 Day Program at no cost but she did NOT ask for anything in return.  I wanted to write this review as a way of saying Thank You, this review is 100% My own Opinion.