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June is National Headache month and given all that has been going on these last few weeks with our move, I have dealt with my fair share of them. Getting the house prepped and ready for us to move in has been hard work. It’s involved physical labor that I am not used too and a whole other level of mental stress. All of which has left me with headaches and body aches. Moving is no joke!

While there have been extenuating circumstances these last few weeks (because of the move), headaches can happen at any time. Not only do we not know when they are going to happen but some are avoidable and some are not. For the ones that are not, I have learned to take a pain reliever, like Advil Film-Coated tablets, as soon as I feel a headache starting to get really bad (at the point where I don’t think the headache will go away on its own).

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Trying to avoid what triggers headaches can also be helpful. Here are some examples of what to be aware of:

Physical Triggers

Things like making sure you don’t strain your eyes and improving your posture can help minimize physical triggers of getting a headache.

Psychological Triggers

Stress and being upset can definitely trigger a headache. Minimize psychological triggers by finding ways to relax. Exercising, Getting massages or any other ways that allow you to relax and unwind.

Environmental Triggers

Allergies or sensitivity to substances within our environment can also bring about headaches. Identifying environmental triggers, like the things that we eat, can help minimize your chances of getting a headache.

How do you handle your headaches or preventing them?