I love eating out and I love it even more when you can get delicious food at a really good price.  So, when I heard about Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine $5 All Day Specials, that take place on the last Wednesday of every month, I knew I’d have to go check it out.  After all, I have been a fan of Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine for a couple of years now so I knew the food would be delish and you really can’t beat a $5 meal.

Padrinos Cuban Cuisine Lechon Special

A meal is better when it is shared with family and friends, so I coordinated a Ladies Night Out with 9 of my family and friends.  We met upon the last Wednesday in June and we dined on the Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine $5 special for that day which was Lechon (pork), Moro (white rice and beans) & Maduros (sweet plantains).  Is your mouth salivating right now?

Padrinos Cuban Cuisine LNO

Since we were ordering their $5 Special and you can’t make any changes to the dish (like replacing items which is not  big deal since everything they make is so yummy), ordering our meals was easy and it allowed us more time to chat with one another (you know us Ladies always have so much to say).  While we chatted they brought over warm cuban bread covered in butter with a slight taste of garlic, I had to stop my self from eating more than one piece so that I could leave room for my meal.

Padrinos Cuban Cuisine Lechon Meal

Not to long after we ordered our food we were brought our meals.  Not only was the food DELICIOUS but I was happy with the portion size (they don’t give you less food simply because you are paying less).  It really was a lot of food but that didn’t stop me from eating all of the Lechon & Moro.  My tummy was happy and full.

Padrinos Cuban Cuisine LNO 4

It really was a fun night filled with yummy and authentic cuban food and great company!

Padrinos Cuban Cuisine LNO 2 Padrinos Cuban Cuisine LNO 3 Padrinos Cuban Cuisine LNO 5 Padrinos Cuban Cuisine LNO 6

Each month Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine features a different dish as their $5 special.  The next one is next Wed. (7/31) and it is my favorite item on their menu: Arroz Relleno.  It’s yellow rice and chicken topped with melted white cheese.  You know where my family and I will be dining next Wednesday…Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine!