This post for tips on preparing for college on a budget is part of a sponsored campaign by Amazing on a Budget by – However, ALL tips and opinions are my own.

School will be back in session soon which means that as a parent we should begin prepping for the upcoming school year, unless you’re one of those rock star parents who has already been doing so. Although my kiddos are still very young and are not headed to college (thank goodness!) I thought it would be cool to share some tips on planning and preparing for college on a budget.

  • Create a budget and be realistic.
  • Create checklist of items you know NEED and try to stick with it.
  • Create a checklist of items you WANT and only shop for these items if you have money left over in your budget after buying all the necessities.
  • Purchase used books or look into renting the books if they won’t be needing them once the semester is over.
  • When it comes to housing, your child should live at home or consider rooming with others to help off set costs.

amazing on a budget dorm

  • Use coupons and search for deals when shopping for groceries.

Now you can shop college on a budget with Walmart’s new shopping service, Amazing on a Budget. If you love budgeting, you will love this! Amazing on a Budget will recommend products that fit your style but most importantly, your budget.

amazing on a budget

You can get all of the college essentials you need within your budget by creating checklists (like I mentioned above). Then, start shopping for your dorm room basics, household necessities, apartment essentials, healthy kitchen and cooking basics, the latest technology gear, storage solutions, or Fashion and Apparel. You can also create a “Custom Checklist” where you can include your own categories.

Want to check out Amazing On A Budget and all that it has to offer (you should because it’s FREE and convenient)? Here’s what you’ve got to do:

  • Click HERE to get started.
  • Pick a checklist to start with.

amazing on a budget checklist

  • Choose the categories you will need.

amazing on a budget category list

  • Set a price that fits your budget.

amazing on a budget category list budget

  • See product suggestions that fit with your style and needs.

amazing on a budget suggestion list

  • Get the products shipped to you or in store.

What’s great about Amazing on a Budget is that you can input what you need, set a budget (so that you don’t go over it) and see the items you can get in a price range you can afford (which saves you time).

If you’re still stuck on how to get started, you can check out the two videos at the bottom of the Amazing on a Budget page for inspiration and ideas.

Do you have any Tips On Preparing for College On A Budget? Please comment and share.

This post for tips on preparing for college on a budget is part of a sponsored campaign by Amazing on a Budget by – However, All opinions are my own.