Our family was off to another adventure, this time is was over to Orlando for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas at Disney World. While we have been to Orlando quite a bit this past year, this time we were driving there in a 2014 Kia Sorento.

2014 Kia Sorento - TM2S

I knew I’d like driving it. After all, I drive a 2012 Kia Sorento now.   However, I wasn’t expecting how much I’d like it and how different it would feel.

The 2014 Kia Sorento was such a smooth ride and it had so many features I wish my car had:

  • Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control – This is perfect for couples who like different temperatures
  • Blind spot detection – A small lit up car appears in the bottom corner of  your side mirrors when there is a car next to you.
  •  A panoramic roof with a power sunshade – My kiddos love sun roofs but this didn’t have your standard sunroof because it has a panoramic one which offers you a much better view of the sky. At night we’d open it up and look at the stars.

2014 Kia Sorento Panoramic Sunroof

  • Memory driver’s seat and mirrors – My husband is a tall guy so every time he uses my car, he moves the seat and leaves it that way which is sometimes frustrating.
  • Ventilated driver’s/front passenger’s seat – you can make the chair cooler or warmer.  My husband thought it would be funny to put mine on the hottest heat setting while I wasn’t looking.  I didn’t get mad (I actually liked it) but I did get even (Insert evil laugh here).

There are of course a ton more, but those were our favorites!

2014 Kia Sorento Navigation System

I loved driving the 2014 Kia Sorento more than I thought I would (since I drive one now).  The problem with using a new car for a week, especially when you already have that model, is giving it back.

If you are looking for a vehicle that has nice features (check out my list above) and isn’t a gas guzzler (You get 20 MPG combined city/hwy), you should check out the 2014 Kia Sorento.

2014 Kia Sorento Driving Experience