Half Brothers takes you on a journey filled with laughter, heart break and love.

Half Brothers

Half Brothers tells the story of a successful businessman Renato, who appears to have some unresolved issues with his father, who left him to go work in America and never returned home. About to be married, Renato finds out that his father is sick and makes a trip to America to get closure only to discover that he has a half brother, Asher. At the request of their father, they set out on a road trip to uncover what happened to their father after leaving Mexico all those years ago.

With his wedding just a few days away, having to deal with daddy issues and a half brother who walks to the beat of his own drum proves to be difficult and quite frustrating. Yet, those are the moments that provide most of the comic relief for the audience. I personally found Asher’s character to be frustrating at times but as more of his story is revealed, I found myself embracing his character more.

While the storyline about the main character discovering he has a sibling is common, the father’s story itself was unique. The same can be said for the way in which they told his story because it not only took the characters on a journey, but it took us on one as well.

You’ll definitely laugh but there are some emotional moments as well…and not just between the brothers. As more of the story unfolded, I found myself emotionally invested in the father’s story (which also happened to shed a light on immigrants and some of the issues they face).

Overall Thoughts

Half Brothers was enjoyable and it did make me laugh, not as much as I probably should have but I just found some of the things Asher did annoying instead of entertaining. In the movie’s defense, that is the case with most of those types of characters in any of the films I watch, so that’s a reflection of me and not them. I liked that some of the characters spoke Spanish in the film because it made it more authentic. So, if you aren’t fluent in Spanish, be prepared to read some captions (especially at the beginning of the film).

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More about Half Brothers

Renato, a successful Mexican aviation executive, is shocked to discover he has an American half brother he never knew about — the free-spirited Asher. The two very different half brothers are forced on a road trip together. masterminded by their ailing father, tracing the path he took as an immigrant from Mexico to America.