Yesterday my kids and I were invited to experience the Grinch’s Grotto at Aventura Mall!

From the creators of The Dr. Seuss Experience, step into the Grinch’s Grotto, and commemorate the Grinchiest of years with our favorite green resident just north of Whoville.

the Grinch

Before entering the grotto (wearing your masks of course), you get to choose your 2020 slogan for your photo and then strike a pose (or poses) with the Grinch. You can choose from:

  1. You’re a mean one, 2020
  2. The Holidays of 2020 belong to the Grinch
  3. 2020. The year of the Grinch
  4. 2020: “Stink, Stank, Stunk”
  5. Merry Grinchmas and Happy Who Year!
  6. 2020: How the Grinch stole, well, the whole year
  7. Christmas Day will always be, just as long as we have we
  8. The Grinch still can’t steal Christmas
  9. What if Christmas perhaps means a little bit more
  10. Our hearts will grow three sizes bigger in 2021
  11. The Grinch got a wonderful awful idea
  12. A better greener Santa

We opted for 2020: How the Grinch stole, well, the whole year because most of 2020 has been…well you know! I liked that even though the process doesn’t take very long (about 10 -15 minutes), it is still an experience. Before entering the Grotto, the Grinch was sitting in his chair, slumped over, acting like…well, a Grinch! When they asked him if we could take some pictures he motioned for us to go away.

It was only after bribing him with some roast beef sandwiches that he finally agreed. Given my love of food, I can totally see why that worked.

Despite his initial resistance to the idea of photos, we had fun taking some pictures. It brought smiles to our faces and filled us with some holiday cheer.

Each group not only gets their photo taken by a professional photographer, but they also get a few extra special Grinchy surprises. Once you exit the Grotto, you can take a look at your photos, decide on the package that works for you and even do some shopping.

The Grinch Merchandise

This 2020 Holiday Season belongs to the Grinch and what better (and more fun) way can you capture this than by visiting with the Grinch himself and getting a few photos. For more information or to get your tickets, visit

*Because of social distancing, space is limited and all visits will be limited to one family or group of friends at a time, with a limit of 5 people per group.

Leanette and the Grinch

Hey South Florida! How would you like to win a ticket for you to experience this for yourself? Enter for your chance to win a general admission ticket (that is valid for 5 family members)!!!