Not only is James Gunn kind of brilliant, I mean he did direct Guardians of the Galaxy (and you all know how awesome that movie is) but he was also very fun to talk to. There’s no doubt about it, he is extremely passionate about this film and dancing (if only we could have gotten him to dance during the interview).

Group photo with James Dunn and Leanette Fernandez

Here’s what James Gunn had to say…
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What drew you to Guardians Of The Galaxy?

I think the main thing that drew me to Guardians Of The Galaxy was the ability to create a whole new wing of the Marvel universe. I would have a very difficult time making a sequel to another Marvel movie or even making another earthbound Marvel movie that’s leading into, directly into The Avengers, because you’re working so much within the world that’s already been created and with Guardians Of The Galaxy I was able to create, not just a new world, but new worlds, new characters, new species. I found that to be just the most freeing thing ever.

When I was a little boy, I had a box that I was sort of obsessed with and within it I would have…drawings for each one of the different planets, of the species that lived on that planet. What their pets were and what their houses looked like, what their water systems were like. This box became filled over time with this sort of universe inside of it, that I created and that’s where my heart was and that’s still where my heart is. Because that’s what this movie is.

Who’s your favorite Guardian and why?

The one I feel the most connected to is Rocket because he’s an outcast…Rocket is the meanest Guardian, I think he’s the most selfish Guardian and I think he’s probably the Guardian that learns the least at the end of the movie. [LAUGHS] but I feel like he’s [LAUGHS] just this little mangled guy that is completely alone in this world. There’s nothing else like him, he’s been torn apart and put back together again…I’ve come to love him.

With the Marvel cinematic universe expanding exponentially, are there any characters you’d like to see together in a story or in a movie?

I would love to tell the Rocket and Groot story for sure. But you know, at the same time, I’d love to tell the Drax movie. I’d love to do the Gamora film. I think they’re all interesting enough to me…It’s something I actually think about a lot.

What was the most difficult thing to bring to the big screen?

Well, definitely the most difficult were the CGI characters, ’cause we had to make them as real and believable and loveable as the rest of the characters in the movie.

Were there hilarious antics that took place while filming?

One of our great moments was in the dance off. We didn’t tell Dave Bautista. I went up to Chris, Zoe and Lee Pace “When Chris challenges you to a dance-off,take him up on it.” [LAUGHS] And so Chris started dancing. And then Ronan goes, “You got it, pal, you’re on!” And he throws down his hammer and he’s doing this ridiculous dance that his six foot five frame in this gigantic metal object could do. And he’s dancing, and then Gamora starts dancing. And then they turn it over to Dave and Dave is like, “Oh, no.” And he did it, he just started dancing. Then we had about 200 extras on set or something and all of them started dancing, my brother who plays Rocket on set, started dancing. And I have it all on film, it’s one of my favorite things…It’ll be on the DVD, for sure.

What’s your biggest strength as a director?

…I think really what I do best is picking other people and finding what other people are good at and arranging those in a way that makes a good movie. I think that’s really what a good director is able to do.

I have a basic knowledge of every, you know, most parts of film making. So that I can have a conversation with those people, just sort of bring a film to the desired place.

Do you have a love for dance?

James: Yeah, I do…I love dancing, and I love pop music…and I love super heroes and I love space adventures and I love raccoons. So I have all the things I love in one movie.

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