The first episode of Galavant airs tonight and having already watched the first episode, I can say that you will enjoy it. It will have you laughing. In the midst of all our laughter, I could hear Timothy laughing. You know, Timothy Omundson, the actor who plays King Richard on the show. There is something about getting to screen an episode with one of its cast members right behind you that makes it all the more fun to experience. After watching the episode, we got to sit down with Tim and Executive Producers Dan Fogelman (@Dan_Fogelman) & Kat Likkel.

5 Fun Facts About Galavant Season 2

  • The 2nd season was filmed in Morocco, where “Lawrence of Arabia” filmed.
  • They used about 300 Extras to make up the various armies you’ll see throughout the season. There’s even a Zombie army.
  • All the Actors can really sing so a lot of the musicals are recorded live. Alan Menken’s done 32 original songs for the 10 episodes in the season, which is really the equivalent of like 5 Broadway Musicals.
  • Weird Al, Hugh Bonneville and John Stamos are coming back for season 2. Also, Nick Frost plays a Giant, named Andre the Giant who hates Dwarves but the reveal is they’re all 5’10, even the “Giants”.
  • This whole Season is about love and redemption. One of the things they decided to do in this Season was turn their character’s lives completely upside down from where they ended up at the end of last Season. For example, Tim’s character, the King, really gets a chance to grow and stretch and go different places.

Speaking of Tim, he was such a joy to be around! I loved meeting him.

Leanette Fernandez with Timothy Omundson

Tune into Galavant Season 2 tonight, January 3rd, at 8 pm EST on ABC to enjoy two 30-minute episodes, back-to-back.