Meeting and chatting with Chris Harrison about the new season of the Bachelor airing tonight was pretty cool!

Leanette Fernandez with Chris Harrison

It definitely gave me a better understanding of the show. Since I am a believer in keeping it real with you all, I will say that reality TV isn’t really my thing because I tend to  doubt how “real” it actually is but given the openness of his answers and how he shared that drama happens on its own, so why create it, I am intrigued about this upcoming season. That and the fact that instead of 5 Ladies, there will be 28 of them which includes a set of twins.  See? Twins going after the same guy must be full of drama.

Those are just some of the deets I got from Chris Harrison. Check out what else Chris shared…

  • Ben questioning whether or not he can be loved and find love will be something you’ll find him dealing with throughout this season.
  • This Season is interesting because the drama is…”more Ben induced…because of who he is and how he…carries himself throughout the Show, which is extraordinarily well, and he’s very open…because he really just gave himself and threw himself into the fire, the Drama will follow…”
  • The original concept for the show was for a Bachelor, the Bachlorette wasn’t even something they had considered.
  • Chris feels that having Trista as their first Bachlorette and seeing Trista & Ryan fall in love that season legitimized their franchise.
  • When the network first picked up The Bachelor, it was picked up for 6 one hour episodes, now they have at least 10 two hour episodes, maybe a 3 hour episode and 2 Specials (at least 24 hours).
  • In every season, there’s a point in the Season when everybody just gets gutted which means they can’t fake their way through this. The show has a way of stripping them down and then making them start new and building themselves back up.’
  • When you are wondering why a girl or guy is still on the show, we need to remember that the Bachelor (or the Bachlorette) doesn’t see what we do BUT they eventually do get found out.
  • When Chris started as a host he was a family man who wanted to be a rock for them but in the last four years (since his divorce) he now empathizes with them.
  • While other things have had to change over time, due to social media, the last 10 minutes of their Show that has never changed. “…A man and woman, scared to death, hoping that they found true love…it is that one thing that no matter where you go in the world, kind of connects us all. It’s companionship, it’s that hope, that dream of finding somebody”.
  • When asked what his favorite season was, Chris responded with “Who’s your favorite Child?”
  • Chris is a believer that we all have the capacity to love more than one person at a time and feels that the show exposes that. He went on to say that “The women will make that right choice. Guys often don’t…”.
  • Back in the days, when they were all closer in age, he spent a lot of time at the house playing Poker with the guys or stopping by to have a Beer (because they had no rules). That doesn’t happen these days, it’s very professional.

Since drama is a must when it comes to The Bachelor, I just had to stir some up with Chris Harrison around.
That rose is mine!!!!!!

Leanette Fernandez in The Bachelor cat fight

ABC’s The Bachelor, Season 20, premieres TONIGHT – MONDAY, JANUARY 4 at 8/7c.