I know that the new year brings about New Year’s Resolutions and although last year I don’t think I bothered coming up with any, this year I am committed to coming up with some because it is time for a change. One of my goals is to Invest Wisely and although this applies to money and finances, I am making it applicable to multiple areas of my life: Money, Relationships, Health, Time, Thoughts, Helping Others & More.

Invest Wisely

Invest Wisely…In More Than Just Your Finances

I initially started this post back in September with the sole purpose of talking about how it applied to investing wisely into the people of my life, which I discuss below, but as I reflected back on last year and what I want to get out of this year,  I realized that it is worth practicing in other areas of my life as well. So much of my time and energy gets wasted on people and things that are just not worth it and as it has been said, “ain’t nobody got time for that”. Not for me anyways. Not anymore.

Here are my thoughts on how to Invest Wisely in the following areas.


This one doesn’t need much explanation. No matter what you are saving for, you should have a plan in place to help make it happen. When I do it without a plan, I tend to not save as much or anything at all. Set a goal. Come up with a plan to help you achieve it and then do it. No excuses.


This topic could have me writing for way too long so I’ll do what I can keep it short and simple. I want (and need) to be around people who love me as I am, love me regardless of all my flaws, take the time to show me that they care, can bring me up when I’m down, give me the support I need when I need it, be proud of me during my good moments and pray for me in my bad moments. I used to think that wanting and needing all of that from someone would be asking a lot, and maybe it is, but I am worth it and so are you. I am NOT saying that they have to meet every criteria at all times but I want to know that they are at least trying.

Stop chasing those people in your life (family and friends) who obviously don’t feel the same way and are not investing in you. Love on them, be nice to them and pray for them but don’t chase them. Stop holding on to something that isn’t there. Why spend your time and emotions on people who aren’t nice, don’t make you feel good, have no desire to cultivate a deep relationship with you or don’t take the time to invest in you or what’s going on in your life? I have a few people that I am no longer chasing after and it feels good…I mean, it can’t feel worse than they have already made me feel.

Remember that it works both ways, you have to invest in them as well! If you do find these type of relationships, treasure it, don’t take it for granted and invest in those relationships. I am beyond thankful that I have people in my life who have invested in me for those that don’t well…”Bye Felicia”.


This one is a struggle for me because diets and exercise are NOT my thing. I don’t like it or want to do it BUT I need it…especially as I age. Did I just say that? Do what you got to do to stay healthy not only for your physical health but for your mental health as well. Ok, I have nothing else to offer in this area… What? I said it was a struggle for me, remember?


Wow! This is a big one for me. I am always saying that I don’t have enough time in my day yet so much of my time gets wasted on stuff I can do without, stuff that doesn’t benefit me or someone in my life or on stuff that drains me emotionally or spiritually. This will always be a struggle for me but at least I am trying to be more aware of the time sucks in my life, one of which is Facebook. I love staying connected with family and friends but getting caught up in their drama or soap box rants is definitely not good use of my time (in social media or real life) so if I catch myself getting drawn in to something, I try to scroll past it or close the app.

Another part of investing your time wisely is figuring out what’s worth your time. For me it is God, family, friends, my business and helping others. Of course, that’s a condensed version of my list or rather the areas that are the most important for me. Those are the areas I need to make the time for. Figure out what your areas are and then come up with good ways to invest in them.


For me, this area goes along with Relationships. I find that the people not worth investing in are the same ones that unfortunately consume my thoughts as I analyze a conversation or an incident in my mind (over and over again despite my best efforts not to). Not only does that waste my time (way too much of it) but it is also not healthy for me. I am dedicated to keeping my thoughts positive and on stuff that makes me happy or that drives me to do better in the areas of my life most important to me. Yes, it is so much easier said than done (Trust me, I know) BUT it can be done.

Yes, there are more areas in my life that I should invest wisely in like helping others. Choosing to Invest Wisely is a process that being mindful of will help me grow in all areas of life. What are those areas for you?

To help me invest wisely this year, I am working on a Prayer Board that will hopefully allow me to stay focused and keep on track. I’ll be sharing a post on that once I get it done.

Let’s make this year (and every year) FUNtastic!!!!