Entertaining your kids over the summer to prevent them from being “bored” might have you and your bank account a little skittish. Keeping kids occupied, though, doesn’t have to cost a lot (It’s hard to believe but it’s true). Check out these 11 Boredom Busters for Kids That Are Less Than $10 Each.

a happy family is painting

Go on a treasure hunt

Make up a map and take your kids around town or the neighborhood on a treasure hunt. Don’t forget to get a good treasure, though! The kids will definitely want one after their hard work pays off for them.

Go camping in the backyard

If you don’t want to take a long drive to have some fun, you can just step out into your backyard, pitch a few tents, start a contained fire, and make some S’mores. Tell ghost stories, play games, roast hot dogs, and have a great time camping with those you love.


Purchase some finger paints and/or water colors along with some white paper and have your child create master pieces. Pick your favorite one and hang it up on the fridge for a few days. I suggest you use an old shirt and allow them to use it as a smock so that they don’t dirty their clothes. You may also want to consider doing it outside for easier clean up.

Plant a garden

Use your own soil, a cheap shovel, and some seed packets to start a flower garden with your kids this summer. You can even get a $1 plastic pot and make a windowsill flower planter to keep it indoors. If you want something bigger, make your own containers and still stick with seeds to reduce cost.

Go to the movie theater

The summer movie program that many theaters offer can get you into a movie for $1 per ticket. Bring snacks form home and save even more money. Or, just host an outdoor movie night with people from your neighborhood. Ask everyone to bring a snack and have fun watching a flick under the stars.

Visit the library or bookstores

Story time at the library or your local bookstore is often free, and many libraries will offer incentives for locals to visit in the summer. Take advantage of these free programs and have fun catching up on your reading list.

Go swimming

The public pool and the park are always open in summer. Load up the kids and go! It’s free, or at least inexpensive, and you can get in a whole day our outdoor play with other kids and moms looking to beat the boredom of summer.

Picnic in the park

Spend the first half of your day getting an elaborate picnic set up with your kids and the second half going to the park or another destination so that you can enjoy the food and have fun relaxing and eating outdoors.

Go to a local museum or art gallery

Many museums offer interactive art for kids and tours for adults- for free! Take your kids to local shows and help them paint, sculpt, and whatever else the art teacher is doing as the medium of the day.

Host a garden party

Really, for less than $40 you can host a garden party with friends. Ask them each to bring something and have the kids help you make decorations. It can be a nice playdate and some parent-time, too.

Have a spa day

Even little boys like to be pampered, so set up a spa day, make the treatments at home with ingredients from your pantry, and use your bathroom as a space to unwind and have fun giggling at one another in colored facial masks.

Do you know of any other Boredom Busters for Kids That Are Less Than $10 Each?