Summer vacations can be a fun time for whole family, but if you aren’t careful on your vacation you could run into some issues. We don’t want that to happen, so be sure to follow these 5 summer vacation safety tips to make sure your vacation is what you planned and that everyone gets home safely.

Summer Vacation Safety Tips - TM2S

Be alert

If you are at an ATM, make sure you people aren’t lurking around. If you are walking in a crowd, don’t text and walk. Be alert at all times for people that may be looking to harm you. You can make yourself vulnerable to attacks or even just plain accidents if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings as you are on vacation.

Stay in a group or pair up

If you are with other people, always stay in a group or pair up. Don’t go alone! Groups and pairs are less likely to encounter problems from other people. If you are going to a popular tourist destination, this is particularly important. There are thieves waiting to steal form unsuspecting tourists- or worse. Don’t give them the chance! Stick with people you trust because there is safety in numbers.

Pack properly

Make sure you wear proper attire when out and about to protect you from the elements, but also pack properly. You will want to make sure you have all medications you need, and a few things you don’t need daily (ex: gas medicine, band aids, first aid items). Always be prepared because you never know what can happen.

Hide your money

Do not bring too much cash with you at one time, and what you do bring needs to be stored where people cannot see it or easily reach it. Do not tempt thieves! Leave some in the hotel, leave a credit card in the hotel in a safe place, and if your money is taken you will always have a backup available.

Don’t share too much information on social media

In the age of information and selfies, people have a great time showing off their vacations. Don’t post too much information, though! If you have people trolling sites to find people away from home, your information could give them just what they need to have time to rob your home. Other people could be looking for easy targets on vacation. If they see you posted that you’re in a nearby bar drinking, they may stalk you and rob you. While this seems farfetched, it happens more often than you think.

Have any more summer vacation safety tips you can think of? If so, please comment below so I can update the list.