Having a summer party is a great way to celebrate one of our favorite seasons of the year. Not that we really need a reason to have a party, right? With a few tips your perfect summer party is just a few shopping trips and invites away.

Prepared birthday table in summer green garden

Here’s how you can throw the perfect summer party…

Do something unexpected

Whether it’s the music, a centerpiece on the table, a signature cocktail, or grandma’s famous pies- make sure your guests are WOW’ed at some point at the party with something unexpected. Get creative and make them want to come back to future parties you host.

Make it BYOB and potluck

Save yourself some stress and make sure guests are happy at the same time by asking that people bring their own alcoholic beverages and at least one food item. This will add variety, save you time and money, and ensures everyone has something they enjoy at the party.

Stock up

Before you even send out the invites, hit those sales and start stocking up on staples for the party. Cups, plates, napkins, and plastic eating ware can be bought in one trip, hot dogs and bacon in another. Gather coupons and sales papers and get to shopping!

Send out actual invites

A party is so much more memorable when people get actual invite sin the mail. Send some out! Don’t just text, email and message people, but formally invite them to come to your place for a real party.

Be ready to grill

A summer party isn’t a party without something grilling. It can be steak or hotdogs, but something needs to be cooking on an open flame to have people in the mood for summer and good food. The smell alone will put people in the mood to party.

Make sure you have lighting for night

Summer parties last all day and night- so make sure you are ready to keep people around by making them feel cozy and welcome. Torches, candles, lanterns, and even white Christmas lights can be used to light up the night and keep your guests ready to stick around for more partying when the sun goes down.

Play a variety of music

So you like country music, huh? Do all of your guests? This may be YOUR party, but it isn’t all about you. Ask guests to bring their own music mixes, or have them send you the titles of three songs they just have to hear so that you can have them available at the party.

Any more tips you’d like to add on How To Throw The Perfect Summer Party?