Big Hero 6 is officially in theaters and it’s definitely a movie worth going to see with your entire family!

Big Hero 6 now playing

After seeing it with my family the day before my trip to LA and at the Big Hero 6 Red Carpet Event this past Tuesday, I can say that I am looking forward to seeing it again…and again and again. There’s action, drama, love and comedy all within one animated film…so there is something for everyone.

Thankfully, there is nothing inappropriate for our kiddos and no innuendos. While the main character deals with loss, you’ll find that it is also a story of hope. Unfortunately, loss is a part of life BUT how we deal and cope with that loss and who we have standing by us as we deal with it makes all the difference in the world. Big Hero 6 does a great job of reminding us of this in a fun and insightful way.

You’ve read my thoughts on Big Hero 6, here’s what my family had to say about it:

  • Little Man: “I Love it!”
  • Baby Girl: “The movie is really good, I want to see it again.”
  • Hubby: “Big Hero 6 was funny and well written. It was really cool to see how they merged San Franciso and Tokyo to create San Fransokyo and how they merged Japanese architecture with the San Francisco look. “

Big Hero 6 is in theaters so be sure and go check it out this weekend. Being that it is a Marvel film, make sure you sit through the end credits for a fun bonus scene!