Cameras flashing, celebrities all around me and a red carpet I’m hoping to not trip on…that was my night on Tuesday when I attended the Big Hero 6 Red Carpet Event at the infamous El Capitan Theater. Although it wasn’t my first red carpet experience, the excitement I feel to be apart of something so special feels as though it is.

El Capitan Theater - TM2S

It’s hard to take it all on while you are there because there is so much going on but as I reflect on that night, a huge smile appears across my face.

Big Hero 6 Red Carpet Event

While there was a lot going on, taking pictures on the red carpet was so much easier this time around.

Leanette Fernandez at Big Hero 6 Red Carpet Event

Typically security on our side of the red carpet asks you to keep it moving (as they should) BUT not this time. I say “our” side because there is a metal bar separating us from the celebrities being interviewed by various entertainment sources.

Big Hero 6 Red Carpet Event Celeb Sighting Collage - TM2S

Thankfully, those bars didn’t stop us taking a picture with the youngest cast members of Black-ish whom we befriended the previous day (more about meeting them and visiting their set in an upcoming post).

Big Hero 6 Red Carpet Event with Black-ish Kids Cast

While in the lobby, I was able to take a picture with Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett and Leanette Fernandez

and I earned some cool mom points by snagging a picture with…

Ross Lynch (Austin & Allie & R5 Member) & Riker Lynch (R5 Member)

Ross and Riker  Lynch and Leanette Fernandez - TM2S

and Calum Worthy from Austin & Allie

Calum Worthy and Leanette Fernandez - TM2S

After watching Big Hero 6 (review on this movie tomorrow), I was getting ready to head out to the after party when I spotted Katie Lowes, Quinn in Scandal.

Katie Lowes and Leanette Fernandez cropped - TM2S

Then I hopped on the shuttle to the Big Hero 6 after party where I enjoyed food, chocolate cake, took some pictures at their photo booth.

Big Hero 6 Photo Booth Pic 2

Big Hero 6 Photo Booth Pic

I also spotted most of the Big Hero 6 cast members and they were nice enough to take pictures with me

Ryan Potter as Hiro Hamada

Ryan Potter and Leanette Fernandez - TM2S

Scott Adsit as Baymax

Scott Adsit and Leanette Fernandez - TM2S

T. J. Miller as Fred / Fredzilla

T. J. Miller and Leanette Fernandez - TM2S

Daniel Henney as Tadashi Hamada

Daniel Henney and Leanette Fernandez - TM2S

It was a very fun evening to say the least. A night I won’t soon forget.