Unfortunately for my husband, I am a sucker for a love story. When I saw the preview for the film, Winter’s Tale I wasn’t sure if my husband would want to watch it with me. I forgot all about it until my husband was watching TV and saw the preview himself, I knew he’d watch it with me when I heard him say “That looks cool”. Thankfully, we were invited by Warner Bros. to attend a pre-screening of the film this past Wednesday (They even gave us roses).

winter's tale pre-screening TM2S

Ladies, if your men don’t want to sit through another love movie than this might be the movie for you to go and see because Winter’s Tale is not your typical love story. While love is the underlying theme, there is a whole other story line going on dealing with a miracle that is within each of us and the evil that wants to stop that from happening.

That evil is played out very well through Russell Crowe’s character, Pearly, a gangster who is obsessed with killing Peter Lake (Colin Farrell). While Peter wants to leave town, he instead meets Beverly Penn (Brown Findlay) and they fall in love, so much so that it causes Peter’s life to change dramatically. A love so deep that he is able to change the life of another. I love the chemistry between Peter and Beverly!

Winter’s Tale was a lot darker than I thought it would be so I definitely would not take the kiddos to see this film. I wish the film would have been a little bit longer so that certain aspects of the story line could have been touched upon/developed more.

If you get the chance to see Winter’s Tale, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film.

Disclosure: While my hubby and I were invited to attend the pre-screening of Winter’s Tale in order to facilitate my review. ALL opinions are my own.