For the last few years, we have celebrated our son’s birthday with mini getaways and a family dinner on his actual birthday. This year, we celebrated his ninth birthday in a way that was perfect for our little gamer. We threw him a Game Truck party and it was the best decision ever. It was the perfect Gamers Birthday Party!

With a game truck, the video game fun comes to you.

When we told him that Game Runner, a mobile video game theater, would be at his birthday party, his face lit up. He was so excited! A little too much because he talked about it every day. If he wasn’t talking about which friends he would be inviting, he wanted to know how many games there were (over 100). Once he knew he had over 100 games to choose from, he wanted to know what the games were so he could prepare (which they emailed me). It was a long month but I loved that he was truly looking forward to it and that it would be a party he would love.

Thankfully, it was a hit.

For those 2 hours the kids were playing video games, I was actually able to sit down and engage in conversations. As a host, I rarely get the chance to do that so that was a nice change of pace. Even my daughter enjoyed it which says a lot because she isn’t a gamer and would rather be watching TV than play a video game. She was inside of the game truck with a few other girls the entire time and without complaining.

After the game truck left, the kiddos came inside for some pizza and cupcakes. Once they were done, they played a little bit in his room and then it was over.

Having Game Runner come out was a dream come true for my son (because he had a blast) but for me because it was one of the easiest parties I have ever planned. In addition to the game truck, pizza and cupcakes, I ordered some video game decorations and a cool birthday shirt for my son that said “9th Birthday Level 9 Unlocked”. See, super easy.

Want to throw your own Gamers Birthday Party? Here’s what I used (while keeping it simple):

  • Reserve a Game Truck *If you are in South Florida, I recommend Game Runner

A little more about Game Runner…

Not only were they really nice but their 20- foot truck was clean, featured four 50″ HD LED LCD Monitors, plenty of seating, a custom sound system and lighting. They also offer the latest video game systems with system link capabilities and a huge library of games. With 3 packages to choose from, so you can choose the one that is best for your party and budget. For more information or to book your party, click here.

I should also mention that it was raining that day but it didn’t matter because they were inside the game truck and it has a Twin High Output A/C System. With the weather being as unpredictable as it is here in South Florida, not having to worry about that was a relief.

A special thank you to Game Runner for partnering with me to help make my son’s 9th birthday one he will never forget. All opinions and thoughts are my own.