Kraft-Heinz sponsored this Capri Sun post, but the opinions are my own.


As a mom, I feel as though I am always responding to a request or answering a question. As interesting as that may seem, I feel as though most of my conversations with the kids include words or phrases I find myself saying way too often…you know, things like “Stop”, “Don’t do that”, “Not right now, maybe later”, “Go ask your father” and the one that probably used most often, “No”. While I do throw in a “Yes” every now and then because I am nice like that and because I like to keep them guessing, it all depends on what they are asking for.

Whether it is an activity, an experience, food or what they drink, it feels great to tell your kids yes and feel good about what you are giving them. Imagine what would happen if you said “yes” to your kiddos for a day? What would you do with them? I gave a day of “Yes” a shot with the Kids (actually only for a few hours because my son caught on to the fact that I was saying “yes”).

Our day of “yes” involved…

Playing some sports outside (which I am not really a fan of because it is outdoors and the sun is out there).

A Day of Yes with the Kids - Sports

Riding their scooters…in the house (another thing that normally doesn’t happen or at least with permission anyways).

A Day of Yes with the Kids - Scooters

Shaving cream fight


Letting the kiddos drink something other than water throughout the day.

A Day of Yes with the Kids - Football

A Day of Yes with the Kids - Tennis

Thankfully, Capri Sun has a revamped line that contains no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and less sugar so you can feel better about saying ‘Yes!’ to your kid’s favorite juice!

Capri Sun Sport Citrus Rush

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