Ok, so now you know what coupons are and how to get them (if you have read my previous Teach Me 2 Save Tuesdays Posts) so now you are probably wondering how to store them all….

There are various methods:

Accordion Style Coupon File – Allows you to sort your coupons by the categories of your choice. They are often small and easy to carry with you to the store. This is ideal if you don’t have alot of coupons and want to keep it in your purse or car.

Coupon Box – You can create your own coupon box using a recipe box or other small storage container (like a baby wipes holder)and add dividers by the categories of your choice.

Coupon Binder– These are binders with page protectors that store all of your coupons in one place. This is the method I use and Love so I will go into more detail about it next week.

Professional Coupon Organizing Systems – There are several pre-packaged coupon organizing systems available online and in stores.

Clip/Print As You Go– Store your coupons in an organized fashion (file folders by date and type of insert) and cut and print your coupons as you need them. For example, when you are look at Store Deals, print & cut the coupons you will be needing for that grocery trip. I tend to not like to hold off on printing a coupon because they may reach their print limit, but I may not cut it until I need it.

Next week I will elaborate on the Coupon Binder.

How do you organize your coupon?

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