So, I find myself compelled to address the following topic:

Should You Use Coupons?

Well we all know what my answer is, a BIG YES!

I find that most people are resistant to using coupons for various reasons and though I feel that every one has a right to their opinion, I wonder why someone would not want to save tons of money or get stuff for FREE!

So let’s address some of the concerns and/or misconceptions I have come across.

Too Time Consuming: Not really, once you find a system that work s for you it really isn’t that time consuming. What you put into it, is what you get out of it.

Let’s say that you spend an hour a week on couponing (again this all varies on your level of couponing) and you save $50 for that week (even though I tend to save more). Is that hour not worth the $50 you saved? If I were to get a part time job at let’s say $10 an hour, I would have had to work 5 hours to save what I did in 1 hours worth of “work”. Furthermore, if I had to get a part-time job to make ends meet, that would take away from my time with my family…while couponing is something I can do with my family.

Is it really worth it? Absolutely!!! I typically save more than 50% off my bill when grocery shopping (usually ALOT more than that). In today’s economy, do we not need to save as much money as possible?

The money you save can be used to other things I want or need. Some people use their “savings” towards a vacation they normally wouldn’t have been able to afford. Some use their “savings” to buy other necessities they may not have been able to afford like gas, clothings, etc. Some people just like to save money!

It’s embarrassing: I don’t agree. I have no shame in saving money. I actually feel bad for those who pay full price because I know they can be saving so much money. I am able to provide for my family and there is absolutely nothing embarrassing about that.

It’s difficult or confusing: I am not going to lie to you, it can be BUT it gets easier and less confusing. Like with anything else, you will get better with practice. Don’t give up! Don’t be scared to try it! Simply keep visiting my site and follow the shopping list, it shows you what’s on sale and what coupons to use. If you ever have any questions, you can always email me.

Here’s why I LOVE Couponing:

  • I get FREE Stuff, like deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, gel, socks, contact solution, the list goes on and on….
  • I have been able to try new products I probably would not have bought had I not had coupons.
  • I am able to get Name Brand items instead of the generic brands.
  • I get goodies for my family I might have been able to buy them because it would have exceeded my budget. Like cookies and juices for my kids
  • I have made new friends whether thru this site or even while shopping.

Another MAJOR reason I love couponing is that I am able to help others in need. My husband and I actually started a ministry called Helping Hands of Hope Outreach Ministries, we provide care packages to those in need of a helping hand and this is all because of me using coupons…

At the end of it all, do what’s right for you.

Do you have any other issues or concerns regarding couponing?