It seems that everyone who loves Star Wars has a story as to why they love it as much as they do or a really cool Star Wars memory that makes them giddy with excitement at the mention of the Galactic film series, especially with the upcoming release of Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Leanette with Darth Vader Statue

*Here’s a pic of me in front of Darth Vader back in 1999, a time when dark lipstick was in and I didn’t smile in photos. Apparently, I have always been drawn to the Dark Side…

Star Wars fans are no joke! I know quite a few of them, most of which are females and I find that to be especially cool. While I don’t think my Star Wars story is as cool as theirs, considering theirs goes back to when they were young  (probably in the womb), my Star Wars story is more recent and special…

As I prepped for my #StarWarsEvent trip to LA for the movie’s press junket and other fun experiences (more on that below) my homework involved watching all 6 Star Wars Episodes. Not only did I watch them, I did it with my husband and kiddos. I loved seeing the excitement (and mouth drops) as the story unfolded and big plot twists were revealed. They are now Star Wars fans!

Even though this has meant that I have had to endure my husband and son speaking like Yoda and Chubaca, it also means I have earned cool points for getting to meet the cast of Star Wars The Force Awakens. Yep, I am headed to LA right now

Here’s what I have in store over the next few days….

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Cast

  • Harrison Ford (“Han Solo”)
  • Oscar Isaac (“Poe Dameron”) & Lupita Nyong’o (“Maz Kanata”)
  • Producer & President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy
  • John Boyega (“Finn”)
  • Director, Writer & Producer J.J. Abrams
  • Daisy Ridley (“Rey”)

Zootopia Fun…


ZOOTOPIA Footage Presentation and Q&A with Directors Byron Howard & Rich Moore and Producer Clark Spencer

• STORY SAFARI: FROM WORD TO DRAWING TO IMAGE – Writer and Co-Director Jared Bush, Writer Phil Johnston, Co-Head of Story Josie Trinidad and Head of Editorial Fabienne Rawley will take us on the unique journey of creating “Zootopia,” from script to story sketches to the editing room.

• CHARACTERS: CREATING THE CITIZENS OF ZOOTOPIA – Art Director of Characters Cory Loftis will show us how Disney character design and appeal merged with revolutionary work in Look and Simulation.

• ANIM(AL)ATION – Meeting the Head of Animation Renato dos Anjos and Animation Supervisors Nathan Engelhardt, Jennifer Hager and Chad Sellers, who, along with the talented artists of the animation team, merged animal and human behavior to create the unique and varied performances of the animals of Zootopia.

“Agent Carter” set visit & interviews with Hayley Atwell (“Agent Peggy Carter”) & James D’Arcy (“Edwin Jarvis”)

Agent of Carter 2nd season promo

Meet & Interview Chris Harrison, the host of “The Bachelor”.

The Bachelor Host Chris Harrison

Meet & Greet with the host and judge of “The Great Christmas Light Fight”, Carter Oosterhouse and his wife, actress Amy Smart

The Great Christmas Light Fight

Interviews with “Galavant” Executive Producers Dan Fogelman & Kat Likkel and Timothy Omundson (“King Richard”)

Galavant Logo

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