Spring is here!!! With Spring, there is one thing that comes to mind…Spring-Cleaning! I don’t know about all of you, but I HATE cleaning and Spring-cleaning is simply hours on hours of cleaning! So if you’re like me and are always trying to find shortcuts to get out of the really hard work, these Spring Cleaning Shortcuts are for you!

Spring Cleaning Shortcuts

Carpeting and Rugs

Focus on the problem areas of your rugs, places where people often walk or where your kiddos spilled their juice and left a stain, really focus on those spots and as for the rest of the carpet, just simply clean it as if you normally would. Do spot shampooing instead of shampooing your whole carpet!


Focus mainly on the exterior of your windows, that’s where most of the dirt and debris builds up. As for the inside of your windows, give them a quick spray and rub down and go about your day!

Curtains and Drapes

Instead of removing all your curtains and drapes simply spray them with a cleaning solution and steam them with a handheld steamer. It saves time and effort. You can buy an affordable steamer at Walgreens or Wal-Mart for around $15-20. Trust me, they come in handy and are very much worth the money!


Simply throw your bed spread in the washer and you can simply refresh your mattress with baking soda. Sprinkle it over your mattress and it will help to remove any sweat odors or stains!


Run the handheld vacuum over your couches, cushions, and chairs of any sort. You’ll be surprised how much cleaner it looks and it is so simply than trying to wash them all. If you have stains on the couch you can focus shampoo them as you did with the carpets!


Run the self-cleaning service on your dishwasher and oven! If you have a floor steamer these work wonders on the tile floors and hardwood floors as well! They will look brand new! If not, swiffers also work well and if you throw down a little hardwood polish they’ll look sparkly and new!


When you go to organize, THROW A LOT OF STUFF AWAY! If you don’t absolutely need it or think you’ll use it, get rid of it! This causes a lot less clutter and you’ll have less to organize next time! If you get rid of a lot of clothes, you can take them to a shop (such as Platos Closet or Once Upon A Child for the kiddo’s clothes) and sell them and you have less clutter as well as some cash in your pocket!

Using these Spring Cleaning Shortcuts can save you a ton of time with your Spring Cleaning and will leave your house sparkling and beautiful. Trust me, you’ll feel great with a clean house and you will be much less worn out!