Spontaneous is the kind of movie that keeps you in suspense and leaves you feeling a bit guilty about wanting someone to explode.

You read that correctly. In this film, high school seniors literally explode. In fact, the film wastes no time with having a character explode right from the start which is then followed by a series of spontaneous (you see what I did there?) explosions. The first one kind of catches you off guard, but the rest…who am I kidding? All of them do!

Since you never know when it is going to happen, I spent the entire movie in suspense. On the other hand, my husband was just waiting for it to happen. I would go so far as to say that he wanted it to happen and didn’t seem at all phased by someone being there one minute and then being a pile of blood the next. Should I be concerned?

Although we know that only the Senior class is exploding, the reason why is a mystery. and it remains one. If you watch hoping they explain what causes it, you’ll be disappointed. Don’t expect to get any answers to why it is happening, besides the whole “things just happen” logic.

and that is OK (for me anyways…For my hubby, not so much)

I say that it is all good because Spontaneous doesn’t need to be explained to know that the film and its story was meant to inspire and maybe even teach you a few valuable life lessons. It’s about the courage to continue on when life doesn’t go as planned, how to make the most of each day when life isn’t a guarantee and finding love when you least expect it.

The love story gave me all the feels.

There was definitely good chemistry between Mara and Dylan. I was emotionally invested in these characters which is not always a good thing in a film where you never know who will be exploding next. But, that just confirms that the actors in this film did a great job in their roles!

Spontaneous is worth the watch and is now available on various digital platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, FandangoNOW and more.

More about Spontaneous

When students in their high school inexplicably start to explode, seniors Mara and Dylan struggle to survive in a world where each moment may be their last. As an unexpected romance blossoms between them, they soon discover that when tomorrow is no longer promised, they can finally start living for today.