I wouldn’t say that Spontaneous was a comedy, I mean there were people exploding and some pretty emotional scenes but there were still quite a few funny lines. So, I made sure to include those (along with some other ones) in this collection of Spontaneous movie quotes. You can check out my official movie review here.


Spontaneous Movie Quotes

  • It happened again. It happened again, a lot. – Mara
  • We’re just glad you are OK and regular as*holes and not evil – Charlie
  • I always wondered what happens to those when someone dies – Tess
  • Tess, don’t look now but there’s a boy staring at us – Mara
  • I’m not usually like this. I can usually hold my drugs – Mara
  • It’s weird being right there and missing it – Dylan
  • Thanks for saying you liked me – Mara
  • He’s new here so please don’t be yourselves, Be nice – Teacher
  • Well at least now you can’t say “things were much harder back in my day” – Mara
  • Drink big bro – Mara
  • Tell me something, just for me – Mara
  • That’s the saddest thing Ive ever heard and people are blowing up -Mara
  • It could be worse right? We could be Republicans – Mara
  • I think this is our life now – Dylan
  • If you go, I’m coming. If I’m going, I’m taking you with me – Tess
  • It was clear, it just sucked – Mara
  • I don’t want that sh*t unless it works – Harper
  • She’s pretty professional for a b*tch – Mara
  • I am just so glad I didn’t explode all over you – Dylan
  • My seed is mighty – Mara
  • You are the best thing to come out of spontaneous combustions for me – Mara
  • No one’s ever been scared of me before – Tess
  • My new cocktail called “all my friends and boyfriend are dead” – Mara
  • You want to stop existing until you actually stop existing – Tess
  • Because you asked and I am drunk, so why would I lie? – Mara
  • I hope you live forever like an elf – Mara
  • Elves live forever? – Tess
  • You’ll always be my best friend – Tess
  • I’m the reason why it happened – Mara
  • I love you too, you know – Mara
  • I am so scared all the time…sometimes i wish i would die so it would all be over – Mara
  • Great. now i have to be afraid of sinkholes too – Mara
  • None of you deserved this but deserve’s got nothing to do with this – Dylans mom
  • It’s a beautiful world and I’m just happy I get to be here, even if for a little while – Mora

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More about Spontaneous

When students in their high school inexplicably start to explode, seniors Mara and Dylan struggle to survive in a world where each moment may be their last. As an unexpected romance blossoms between them, they soon discover that when tomorrow is no longer promised, they can finally start living for today.


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