Could there be life after Avengers: Endgame? Sadly, life in the Marvel world does goes on and the first movie to give us a glimpse of what that life looks like is Spider-Man: Far From Home. It should come as no surprise but this movie was so good! Like really good…

Spider-Man Far From Home

It is filled with action, comedy, a little bit of romance and a whole lot of Tom Holland. It was just what we needed after all that took place in Avengers: Endgame. I wasn’t a big fan of Mysterio’s storyline, I just don’t think it was enough to send his character on a major rampage but it didn’t make me dislike this movie any less.

Is this movie appropriate for kids? While I think they could have done without the use of bad words and pointing the middle finger, I would let the kiddos watch it. Especially, if they have watched other Marvel films that have way more bad words but about the same level of violence. Peter Parker does have a scene where he is in his boxer shorts and nothing else, so be mindful of that when considering whether or not to let your kids watch it.

Run, don’t walk, and go and see Spider-Man: Far From Home as sson as it is in theaters on July 2, 2019. Oh, and don’t forget to stay after both set of credits.

More about Spider-Man: Far From Home

Peter Parker’s relaxing European vacation takes an unexpected turn when Nick Fury shows up in his hotel room to recruit him for a mission. The world is in danger as four massive elemental creatures — each representing Earth, air, water and fire — emerge from a hole torn in the universe. Parker soon finds himself donning the Spider-Man suit to help Fury and fellow superhero Mysterio stop the evil entities from wreaking havoc across the continent.