A couple of weeks ago, my husband picked up my son’s favorite stuffed animal to sleep with (this little monkey his pre-school teacher gave him before she left the school) from the floor, near the laundry pile, and it was all wet. Naturally, he asked my son why it was wet, as he held it in his hand, but I don’t think he was prepared for his answer. Wait for it…

It was wet because while my son was using the bathroom after waking up (#1 not #2), it fell into the toilet. My son then grabbed out of the toilet and put into the laundry for cleaning.

Needless to say my husband was both surprised and disgusted by what he had just found out. I, on the other hand, laughed. I laughed a lot and still do when I think about it. After that my husband immediately dropped the monkey and washed his hands (repeatedly) and made my son do the same.

*Oh the stuffed Monkey was in no way injured and my son now knows to leave his toys out of the bathroom…I hope!

This whole situation got me to thinking, which can be scary…

What are some questions parents really don’t want to know the answer to but ask anyways?

Here are some questions I came up with:

  • Why is this wet? *Naturally. Given what took place
  • Why is this sticky?
  • Why does this smell so bad?
  • How long has this been in here?
  • What’s in here?
  • How did this happen?
  • It is stuck where?

Do you have any other questions parents really don’t want to know the answer to? I’d love to hear them and add them on the list.

Feel free to share any funny stories you’ve experienced after asking a question you probably shouldn’t have asked.