As I prepare for a lot of upcoming travel with my kiddos over the summer, I know I will be going crazy packing for the 3 of us (one of the joys of traveling). Instead of driving myself crazy trying to make sure I don’t forget anything I thought that going forward, it would be great for all of us if they could pack their own suitcases (I of course would go through it all and make sure they have everything they need until they have mastered it). Not only will this relieve some of the pressure and stress before a trip but it also teaches them about responsibility. Plus, they get to feel like they are a part of it. That’s where these nifty (and FREE) printable summer packing checklist for children comes in.

Printable Summer Packing Checklist - TM2S

They are super cute and provide an easy way to get your little ones involved in the packing process for their next summer adventure.

To make it even more personal for the kids, there is a printable summer packing checklist specifically for boys and one specifically for girls.

*You can click on the links above to print your printable summer packing checklists before every trip…so be sure to bookmark this page.

I’ll be giving this a try this summer and I hope you do too. Let me know if you do the same and how the Printable Summer Packing Checklist works out for you.