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son drinking Pediasure Sidekicks outside

My daughter has a healthy appetite, not only do I not have to worry about her eating everything on her plate, I also know that she is willing to try new foods and I love that about her because I am not like that. At all. I wish I wasn’t so picky but even more than that, I really wish my son wasn’t a picky eater.

I thought by now my youngest would have outgrown being a picky eater but alas, that is not the case. But not all hope of this being just a phase is lost because he has been a bit more willing to try some new foods…not many but a few. It is just a phase…right?

Meanwhile, I try to encourage him to try new foods and do what I can to make sure that he gets the nutrients he needs. Thankfully, that part is as simple as giving him Pediasure Sidekicks. It’s simple because they can be enjoyed on-the-go and offer a source of 7g protein and 25 essential vitamins and minerals in each shake. I can use a lot more “simple” solutions in my life so that is something I appreciate, like a lot.

They can also be served as part of a meal. If you feel inspired, you can create fun recipes for your picky eaters by subbing PediaSure Sidekicks where milk or water would be in the recipe like in mac and cheese, pancakes, or smoothies.

Pediasure Sidekicks help ensure your picky eater is getting the nutrients they need and are available at your local Walmart.

Pediasure Sidekicks in shopping cart

That’s where I picked up some chocolate flavored Pediasure Sidekicks, but your kiddos can choose from Vanilla and Strawberry as well.

Pediasure Sidekicks on Walmart Shelf

Here’s hoping his Picky Eater Phase ends sooner than later, but meanwhile I don’t have to worry that he isn’t getting the nutrients he needs!