Truth Moment: My husband does most of the cleaning around the house. Cleaning is just not really one of my strong suits so I am glad my hubby does it. With having 2 small children they bring in all sorts of stuff from the outside on their shoes, so the floors never stay clean and even (which can be frustrating) and when the floors are clean, I wonder how clean they really are and how many germs are still there (Being that I am a bit of a germophobe, I don’t think I want to know).

So, when we had the chance to review the New HAAN Multiforce SS20 Scrubbing Steam Mop we were definitely happy about it. I mean after all, it does kill 99.9% of household germs & bacteria in 1 second. That is amazing!

The Multiforce SS-20 is the first of its kind and is not your ordinary steam mop because it combines steam and CR-motion™ technology. That basically means that it creates a reciprocating scrubbing movement that gives you the power to mop, buff, scrub, sanitize and refresh. Plus, it’s attachments allow for you to clean indoor and outdoor surfaces (carpets, decks, tile, cement and more). It’s like having an all-in-one steam mop. We loved it! Check back soon for a video of it being used on the various surfaces in our home.

If you want to check out more on these Steam Scrubbers and are interested in purchasing it, you can use the coupon code OCTTMS for $25.00 off (Expires 11/18).

This will make a nice Holiday Gift…

Disclosure: I received a HAAN Multiforce SS20 Scrubbing Steam Mop in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided. ALL opinions are my own…as always!