I am not the kind of person who reacts well in an emergency situation (unless screaming loudly and freaking out is considered reacting well). However, with two small kids I understand the importance of being prepared BUT unfortunately I really wasn’t. So, when I was invited to attend a CPR training class at One Beat CPR with other bloggers in my area I accepted.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the One Beat CPR Course at no charge.  ALL opinions are 100% my own.

One Beat CPR Location

While I wanted to freshen up on my CPR skills because it had been a few years, I really wasn’t looking forward to the class because the one I had been to before was quite boring. Thankfully, this class was not only very informative but it was also entertaining enough that the time seemed to go by quickly.

One Beat CPR Course 2

Plus, in this course we learned how to use a defibrillator which can actually make a major difference in saving a life. Did you know that if you use a defibrillator in the first minute, they have a 90 percent chance of being resuscitated but if you solely do CPR there is less of a chance?

One Beat CPR Course 3

Here are some important things to remember:

  • No matter what the situation, call 911 First.  If you are assisting someone and you need someone to make the call, don’t just yell it out.  Specifically ask someone to call 911 to make sure it gets done.
  • If someone is choking, don’t pat them on the back because it may cause the food to go further down.
  • Before you assist someone, ask for their consent.
  • Just because they don’t have a pulse, it doesn’t mean their heart has stopped.

One Beat CPR Course

For more helpful tips, you’re going to have to attend a CPR Course…LOL. Plus, if you have attended a CPR class where you were taught the ABC method, you’ll need a refresher because now they are teaching CAB method:

  • C – Check for a Pulse
  • A- Airway
  • B – Breath

So now I am CPR Certified, here’s hoping I never have to put what I learned into practice BUT in the event of an emergency, at least I feel better knowing that I am equipped to handle it.

A little bit about One Beat CPR:

  • Owned by a fire fighter, Lon Rosen
  • Every instructor is either a fire fighter or police officer with years of experience.