Meeting people and kiddos who are proud of the work they have accomplished through the help of World Vision is so inspiring. On Day 4 of my journey with World Vision in the Dominican Republic, I got to meet and chat with people who have overcome adversity and are thriving. It was another day filled with inspiration and hope.


World Vision BeeKeepers

The Beekeeper Association is a group of 15 farmers who were looking for a way to earn extra income and they are doing just that. With 30 hives between 2 locations, they extract 60 to 70 gallons of Honey each month which they then sell at markets and to wholesalers.

World Vision Bee Hives

World Vision provided them with their 15 hives, the honey extraction machine, initial tools and materials to maintain the hives. They also facilitated a connection to a national vocational institute where they were given training in beekeeping. World Vision also taught negotiation skills so they could get a loan for their second site.


World Vision Shoemakers making shoes

Ernesto was a farmer with about 3,000 plantain trees when a storm hit the area causing the water from Lake Enriquillo started to rise and eventually drown about 80% of his crop. After various jobs and not being able to make ends meet, he got the idea to start making shoes and went to World Vision with the idea (because his children were sponsored through them). Nine years later, 14 men are now a part of the shoemaking association, they make about 24 pairs of shoes per week and Ernesto now earns enough to pay for University tuition, books and living expenses for 2 out of his 6 children.

World Vision Shoemakers

World Vision provided the initial training and materials (3 heavy-duty sewing machines, 1 leather thinner machine, shoe patterns, leathers, rubber soles, thread and wax. They have also provide ongoing marketing, sales, budgeting, customer service and capital management training.

Shoe made by World Vision Shoemakers

Met Honelis Florian, a former sponsored child

Honelis Florian and his grandma

This young man is going places!!!!! At only 22 years old he has a long list of achievements that include being a credit advisor for VisionFund (World Vision’s microfinance banking institution) and earning a 2-year accounting technician associate degree. He is now paying for his own schooling as he tries to earn his teaching degree so that he can become a social science teacher. Honelis credits World Vision with helping him receive the knowledge that has helped him achieve his goals.

World Vision provided him access to technology through computer training classes and he also took part in a World Vison led training where he learned about public speaking and how to express himself.

Partner with World Vision

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