I happen to be in the market for a newer car so I was excited about driving a 2013 Kia Sorento for a week. There are a few things I am looking for in a car…it needs to be fuel-efficient and it needs to have enough leg room for my husband, who is 6’6 , and my growing kids, that are well on their way to being tall like their father.

To give you an idea as to how many miles I put on the car in the 11 days I had the SUV, I did a little over 700 miles. I know! Being that it takes about $80 an average to fill up the tank in the SUV I drive now, I was a bit nervous about what it would cost me. However, I was quite impressed – with $30 I was able to get almost 3/4 of a tank. You can imagine my relief.

If you and your significant other can’t seem to agree on the AC temperature in the car (like my hubby and I) you’ll be happy to know that there is dual-zone climate control system, so that was one less thing we had to disagree about. Plus, there is also rear air conditioning for the 3rd row. Speaking about temperature, not only does your steering wheel heat up with a touch of a button but the driver seat has a cooling and heating function. The passenger seats heats up as well.

Check out the video for more info. on what interior features the 2013 Kia Sorento has to offer like airbag all over the place, Infinity Surround Sound Audio System, Rear Camera System, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, USB/AuxiliaryInput Jacks, Reclining 2nd-row seats and more…

While I loved driving the Kia Sorento, my hubby wasn’t as comfy because of the bucket seats BUT it wasn’t until the day that they came to pick up the car that we realized that there was a button for lumbar support, so maybe that would have worked for him. I only wish that the trunk would open up by itself with a click of a button, especially being a mom and always having my hands full.

I was sad when they came to pick it up but I did enjoy the time I had with it…

*Disclosure: I was provided with a 2013 Kia Sorento for a little over a week to facilitate my review. No compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own, as always!